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Which Facial Cleansing Brush is Right for Your Skin?

The beauty world has been buzzing about facial cleaning brushes and they have grown to be a
skincare staple for hundreds of us. I use mine every single day! Now there is so a great deal preference
on the market, it can be tough to know which one to go for. We thought we would put together
a information so you can work out which brush is fine for you earlier than you take the
plunge into the world of skincare systems.

What does a Cleansing Brush Do?
Cleansing brushes, cleansing systems, sonic brushes… there are lots of unique names for these brushes
however they are all aimed at the identical thing; cleansing the skin. Put simply,
cleansing brushes are a one of a kind way to cast off makeup and cleanse the skin. They have been
proven to cleanse the pores and skin greater deeply and efficiently than hands and clothes alone,
making them a must-have beauty device for most skincare lovers.

There is a lot of intricate terminology surrounding cleaning brushes that can make it
difficult to be aware of what the distinction is between the one-of-a-kind types, how they
work and how they affect the skin.

Why Go for Sonic?
When we say ‘Sonic’, this refers to cleaning brushes which use oscillation (that ’s vibration
to most of us) to cleanse the skin. Cheaper variations often involve rotating brushes,
which spin as an alternative than vibrate. This drags the pores and skin and can exfoliate
a whole lot too harshly for everyday use. You can also buy static facial brushes that
you use to manually scrub the face, which once more is extra about exfoliation than deep cleansing

Sonic cleansing brushes work differently, with the oscillations helping to push dust and grim
out of the pores, for deep cleansing barring harsh exfoliation. All of the brushes we are
speaking about nowadays classification as sonic brushes, with pulsations that start from 9,000
oscillations per minute.

But this is the old device, now we create the new electronic facial cleansing brush.

How Do You Use It?
Whilst every brush will have barely specific guidelines for use, there are some basic instructions
which will work with all of them, so you can get the most out of whichever one you
choose. The key component is to make positive you aren’t too harsh on your skin through the
usage of them wrongly. Our pointers are:

Hold the brush towards the skin and go it in small round motions. Don’t press it into the skin
. This will permit your brush to gently exfoliate except dragging the skin.
Start on your forehead, then go down onto the nostril and finish on the cheeks. Avoid them
the refined skin around the eyes and stick to eye makeup remover and cotton pads to remove
eyeshadow and mascara.

Most brushes now have some sort of timing reminder so that you don’t use them too long.
Ideally, you choose to use your brush for 1 minute, morning and nighttime (although more
the touchy skin might pick the use of just as soon as a day).
If you are the use of a cleaning brush with replaceable heads, these have to be changed at
least every 3 months, to forestall bacteria build up or bristles turning into damaged.
Those who go through from touchy skin stipulations like Rosacea need to avoid cleansing
brushes as they may exacerbate infection on the refined skin.
Only use a cleansing brush with non-abrasive cleansers. Avoid any cleansers with exfoliating
beads or scrubs, as your cleaning brush will provide you simply the proper amount of

Which One Should You Choose?
Here on Lookfantastic, we inventory a variety of main manufacturer cleaning brushes and
systems. Whilst they will all provide you beautiful, clean and brilliant skin, we have summarised
the differences between 5 of the nice cleaning brushes so you can work out which
one fits you.

Clarisonic face brush

The Clarisonic brushes are the original cleansing brushes. They were the first on the market and
are the brand that most people recognize. The Clarisonic systems start from around £125
and there is a wide range of accessories, cleansing washes, and brush heads to choose from. The best
known are the Mia 2 and the Aria.

The Mia has two different speed settings, and the rechargeable battery lasts for around 10 days use
. It is waterproof. The Aria is more sophisticated still, with 3-speed settings and a
battery which lasts for around 15 days. It also comes with a drying stand. Both brushes have
the option of using sensitive brush heads and are fully waterproof. To prevent over
exfoliation, Clarisonic uses a one-minute pulsing T-Timer which tells you how long to cleanse

Magnitone face brush

Magnitone is a British brand, offering colorful and effective cleansing brushes. We
especially love their limited edition collaboration with Laura Callaghan right now. Starting
from around £70, Magnitone currently offer the BareFaced! and the Full Monty versions, with a
selection of alternative brush heads and accessories.

The Magnitone Barefaced! is a daily cleansing brush which has two different modes- one for
cleansing and one for a circulation boost. It oscillates in 20-second bursts to help remind
you when to move onto the next section of your face and stops after 1 minute to prevent over
exfoliation. The Full Monty is designed for face and body, with 5 different modes including
sensitive and interchangeable heads. Both brushes are 100% waterproof.


Clinique facical brush

Clinique worked with dermatologists to develop their Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush,
retailing from £79.00. It is waterproof, with an ergonomic handle to make it simple to use.

Unlike other cleansing brushes, there isn’t a huge range of brush heads for different skin
types. Instead, the brush head is designed to work with all skin types, with an angled tip to
target the t-zone whilst the white bristles are gentle on the cheeks.

If you do suffer from more blemish-prone skin, then there is a specific brush head designed to
combat breakouts. It also has an automatic shutoff after 30 seconds and keeps its charge for
180 minutes.


FOREO cleansing systems

The FOREO cleansing systems are different from most other cleansing brushes, as they don’t
involve bristles or changeable brush heads. The FOREO cleansing brushes are made from
bacteria-resistant silicone with soft touch points that pulsate to deep cleanse. There are
different versions for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skins, which provide the right
amount of exfoliation for different skin types. Don’t know your skin type? We can help you
work that out.

The FOREO LUNA 2 is the most popular version, retailing for around £149.00. It has 12
different intensity settings and the rechargeable battery lasts for 450 uses. The Cleansing
The mode has a timely reminder at 1 minute and then also has a second Anti-ageing Mode to help boost
circulation and product absorption.

FOREO have also just launched the LUNA Play, which is a miniature version of the LUNA. We have
discussed all it’s unique features in another post but priced at just £29.00 this is a great
starter option. All the FOREO brushes are 100% waterproof.


rio Sonicleanse Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush

The Sonicleanse Facial Cleansing and Exfoliating Brush from Rio is the most affordable of the
5 brands featured here, available for around £49.99 (although you can currently save £10!).
There is a smaller range of brush heads than with other brands but you can still buy sensitive
and body versions to get the most from your cleansing brush.

The Rio Sonicleanse is water-resistant and rechargeable, with adjustable power levels to suit
your skin needs. With a 20-second interval timer, it is also simple to guide you through your

Any of these brushes would be a brilliant addition to your skincare regime, offering deep
cleansing, exfoliation, and circulation boost for glowing skin.

Whether you prefer a long-lasting battery for traveling or a wide variety of brush heads
that can work all over the face and body, you can guarantee one of these is perfect for you.

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