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Best Big Oval Black Vanity Mirror with Lights 10 lamps

1,)integrated Round 12pcs Dimmable LED bulbs, Easy to use. 

2.) Front/off Rotary dimmer switch, US Standard Plug

3.) Tabletop design

4.) A Great choice for every makeup and makeup artist, convenient and lightweight to carry.

5.) Size: Diameter: 70cm, 70cm*65cm  *6cm, Power: Plug(Voltage:110V-220V)or Battery 

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1.) Quality Material: Stainless steel frame
2.) Bulb type: 85-220V 3W dimmable LED bulb
3.) The bulbs Light Color Option: Warm white 2800-3000k, Cool white 6000k, Pure white 4500k ( Dimmable )
4.) 4pcs decorate full size LED globe style bulbs included free

5.) Front on/off rotary dimmer switch
6.) Tabletop design
7.) Frame Color:White/Black/Silver/Gold option
8.) Size: Diameter: 70cm, 70cm*65cm  *6cm
9.) Power: Plug(Voltage:110V-220V)or Battery power
10.) Bulb Quantity: 9-pcs

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