August 15, 2018

Do you really know what is Coronavirus?

oronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified type has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory […]
December 11, 2017
how to against coronavirus prevent tips you should do

5 Tips and Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak, available on the WHO website and through your national and local public health authority. COVID-19 is […]
December 11, 2017

What is the Coronavirus Symptoms?

What are the symptoms caused by the virus from Wuhan in China, how does it spread, and should you call a doctor? Maybe you can check […]
December 11, 2017

Should you wear a face mask to protect against coronavirus in United States?

New coronavirus cases are continuing to pop up worldwide. The COVID-19 disease has now been confirmed in more than 50 countries, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control […]
December 11, 2017

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